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どん亭DonTei壽喜燒/上級火鍋 台灣一號店


設計單位:Lee'sDesign INC.文儀室內裝修設計有限公司
裝修施工:Lee'sDesign INC.文儀室內裝修設計有限公司
坪      數:127坪
建      材:水泥、木紋地磚、仿水泥石英磚、栓木實木、 栓木木皮、矽酸鈣版、麻、油漆、壁紙、超耐磨木地板、鐵、鋁
攝      影:未來映画攝影工作室

Company          |  Lee'sDesign INC
Designer           |  IVY LEE
                            XENA LAN
Participants       |  IVY LEE
                            XENA LAN
Location           |  Zhongshan North Road Sec. 1, Taipei City
Category          |  Commercial Restaurant – Japanese brand Taiwan No. 1   Concept Store

Materials          |  Concrete, wood grain tiles, concrete-like quarts tiles, Ash wood, Ash wood veneers,calcium silicate board, linen,paint, wall paper, super anti-wear woodfloors, iron, aluminum
Size                 |  420M2

Design period     |  2015/04

Photographer     |  Kelvin Ku

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Don Pavilion’s original birthplace originated in Maebashi City,

Gunma Prefecture of Japan in 1990. In the Fall of 2015, it continued and gave birth in the Zhongshan District of Taipei City, providing a perfect experience to the Japanese cuisine and hospitality culture by presenting the hundred-year sukiyaki and hotpot cuisine in a simple and original style, allowing the whole family to enjoy dinner around the table. Accompanied by the delicate selection of juicy and succulent beef, the family bonds emotionally to form a happy atmosphere. This is the simple spiritual origin of what Don Pavilion wants to provide to the Taipei people.  


The space is based on the concept of tea – at the core is the Wabi-sabi (Wabi-sabi represents a comprehensive Japanese world view or aesthetic centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection) of “Zen”.

Simplicity is emphasized within complexity, keeping the original representation of everything. Upon entering the store, patrons are greeted with a large and generous 40-meter glass and sunlight, allowing the ever-changing and warm refractions. The building has gone through 50 years of history, the remaining concrete material provides for the sharp cold contrast. The fragrant wooden floor expresses a warm but dying beauty. The staggered contrast and the remaining markings from the materials, the Wabi-sabi stresses the esthetic attitude towards the dying life and fleeting instant loneliness towards the stares of imperfections. Its staggered and complicated dramatics mixed with simple and unpretentious warmth. The image and spirituality expressed by the lines in the space and the materials hope to create a space that would allow calm and tranquility in people and let them see the pure emotional beauty that’s been given by the simple value.











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